5 Cool Apps for Real Estate Agents in India

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5 Cool Apps for Real Estate Agents in India

5 cool apps for real estate agents

This busy world loves to get all the information at their fingertips. As a result, the use of smartphones has seen an exponential increase. Almost every sector is adopting the digital trends, then why can’t the real estate sector?

To be descriptive, today’s new age Indian real estate sector has seen various innovations when it comes to easily search, quick access for buying or renting a property. Hence, to help you move with this tech-savvy world we would like to mention 6 cool apps for real estate agents in India. Fear not, these apps are trustworthy as they are used by registered agents or brokers.

5 Cool Apps for Real Estate

1. BroEx

As real estate brokers, you might be interested in collaborating with other brokers to close the deal faster. BroEx is one such apps which might gain your interest. This app will let you find and associate with other real estate agents who can help you make the perfect deal. The thought behind BroEx is to engage the brokers to team up among themselves using technology. Some of them even use basic tools like WhatsApp and Google Groups.

2. Plabro

Plabro app is a platform to connect more than  10,000 real estate brokers. This app is a first of its kind in India which aims at bridging the gap between agents and dealers. It is an engaging platform where you can share information related to real estate, commercial properties, housing,  etc. You are also allowed to bookmark property deals or posts for later usage. Once you are signed in, you will receive the desired notification whenever another dealer will try to contact you.

3. Property E-Office

Property E-Office is another in-demand app which can help you expand and grow your business exponentially. You can make connections with other property agents. If you have already registered, you can easily manage your business on-the-go. You are able to identify your potential buyers, prioritize your leads through favorites and can see how many users have marked your listing as their favorite. That’s not it, you may also get hot deals from the leading builders and developers.

4. RSquare

If you are looking for an app that can help you manage your office on the go then RSquare app would be it. With this app not only you are allowed to manage your office on a device, but can also respond to your customers real time. RSquare app has access to numerous marketing avenues & data exchanging facility that helps you grow fast. Also, you can upload property location and photographs within seconds. This app never lets you miss out follow-ups or meetings.

5. IndiaProperty.com

Looking to buy or sell or rent properties in your preferred city or locality? Choose IndiaProperty.com. It can provide you with in-depth details and neutral reviews. It also enables you to get a complete listing of properties where you can make your search, explore and short-list the property of your interest. This app lets you enjoy some new features (like personalized home page, trending localities, saved searches and more) that can help you get a hassle-free experience.

Using real estate apps will be the best decision you can ever make as a real estate agent. This can help you  streamline your work. With proper research and useful observations, we have come up with these six apps that can help you get the most for your business. Start using them in 2019 and increase your reach and business.

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