How to Plan to Buy a House in Mumbai?

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How to Plan to Buy a House in Mumbai?

How to Plan to Buy a House in Mumbai

Buying a property needs a lot of efforts and time. People usually get overwhelmed by the feeling of buying a dream home. A brand new or the existing one? A Cottage or Mansion? Ready to move-in or a Fixer-upper? After all, it is one of yours biggest investments to buy a house, so you have to be conscious about your deal as you’re taking a big decision for you and your family.

But before coming to any conclusion the very first thing which you should consider is that can you afford it? Well, the answer is YES, if and only if you have a good plan. A perfect plan can lead you to a perfect home and a hassle-free life.

So to help you make an effective plan for buying a house in Mumbai,  Let’s explore here how to plan to buy a house in Mumbai?

  1. Take Your Decision Wisely

Before buying a home in Mumbai, make sure that you are confident about your investments. The very beginning process would be to find the potential property. This is essential to do so as you need to figure out your expectations from your home such as amenities, features, and specifications. This will be your big move, so start touring these properties and strike out the ones that are not fulfilling all the key parameters you want in your home. Once you are brought to a conclusion, sit down and put all of these together to shortlist.

  1. Find the Right Agent

Finding the right agent means the one who is having good experience in the real estate market, the one who is trustworthy and having better business insights. Look for an agent who is well-versed and has an experience in the localities of your choice. Their knowledge about the surroundings and localities, and home buying process as a whole coupled with negotiation skills can prove to be a boon.

  1. Location

Location is another parameter to consider before buying a home in Mumbai. But do you know why it is so? An investment in residential property remains an asset for your entire life. Further, buying a home in the questionable area can show you a hard time in selling the property when the time comes. Currently, the areas which are most preferred for residential property investment are Thane, Andheri , Goregaon, Jogeshwari, and Kandivali. We guess a wise investor will choose to reside at the place which is in proximity to the prerequisites.

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  1. Educate Yourself

If you are a first-time buyer then make sure that you are familiar with the house buying process. If this isn’t your first-time, still it is a good idea to keep a check as the real estate market is changing rapidly, every year. So, you need to consider the vital information:

  • Be attentive of overhead charges (Stamp duty, Registration fees, Property tax, Legal fees, Brokerage fees, etc.)
  • Credentials of the developer
  • Property regulations of 2017/18

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The above were some of the points to consider before buying a house in Mumbai. Hope this could help you in making a wise decision. And after making an efficient plan, you can move on to buy your dream home in Mumbai. Further, you may find some good locations to consider for buying home in Mumbai and one of them is Jogeshwari East. Thinking of Jogeshwari East will get you seamless connectivity, the best of education and perfect a lifestyle. And when you think Jogeshwari, think Avant Heritage. We offer you luxurious, yet affordable homes with many benefits such as no GST effect, no floor rise price, great connectivity, modern amenities and more to consider. This is where your search for a dream home ends.

Our customer’s trust is reaching new heights as a result, of which we have successfully completed your Phase I and stepping towards Phase II, which is again getting occupied very fast. For more information feel free to contact us, we would like to hear from you.

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