Is Buying a Flat in Mumbai A Good Investment?

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May 15, 2018
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Is Buying a Flat in Mumbai A Good Investment?

Is Buying a Flat in Mumbai A Good Investment

Real estate and investments have always been the hot topic, floating in the air. People are quite passionate about discussing the increase or decrease in the property prices in Mumbai. Some are busy giving or taking the suggestion for buying a home. And the topic goes on and on.

We all are well aware of the fluctuating price of real estate and always wonder why the prices aren’t decreasing despite the fact that only a few people are buying? Well, the reason is that Mumbai is one of those cities which have a great ROI. Yes. In fact, in the coming few years there are ample opportunities for making investments.

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So when it comes to Mumbai, thinking twice is not recommended. Further, if you love to enjoy a luxurious stay at an affordable cost then Mumbai is the best place to make your investments. As there are many areas which are favorable for making investments, the redevelopment scheme in this city is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to invest in Mumbai’s real estate.

Why Buying a Flat in Mumbai is a Good Investment Option.

  1. Redevelopment Schemes

With no doubt, people always prefer to own a house in Mumbai. But the shortage of land has made this unfeasible. So to overcome this issue, a redevelopment scheme was introduced which can fulfill the demand for residential properties. As a result, many builders are considering this scheme and many sought-after areas like Bandra, Jogeshwari, etc. are fine examples. You as an owner can get a great lifestyle, connectivity, and feasibility.

  1. Remarkable Infrastructure

In a city like Mumbai having a great infrastructure can add up value to your living. People usually face the problem of lack of infrastructure and low maintenance. However, nowadays, builders are quite focused on improving it and offering homes at an affordable rate. Wadala, eastern freeway, etc. are prime examples of such areas where manifold infrastructure projects are created.

  1. High ROI

For a favorable return on investment, Mumbai is the best destination to choose. The city has many popular areas where you can multiply your investment. Further, in the near future, there’s a great scope to acquire a high ROI. Also, the implementation of RERA has grasped the confidence of many investors. As a result, it is quite safe to make an investment in the real estate.

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  1. Top residential projects

Seems like, luxury and affordability are the new targets for many builders as well as buyers. Builders now are quite focused on offering abundant opportunities to make investments. They have targeted many suburban areas which are built with top class amenities, the place where you will love to make investments.

So, there we have it for you, some of the reasons, why Mumbai is the best place for investments and you cannot deny the unprecedented opportunities it offers.

At present, if you are looking forward to making an investment in Mumbai then look no further than Avant heritage. We are:

  • RERA registered
  • Focused towards old society redevelopment projects in Mumbai
  • Located at the prime location of JVLR and have high-end connectivity

Some specifications that can describe us seamlessly are…

  • Our buildings are ‘Green Buildings’ which can save you a lot of energy and money.
  • We are EDGE certified housing society.
  • We offer luxurious yet budget-friendly homes.
  • Our homes are a fine example of architectural brilliance, built with world-class amenities.

By owning a home at Avant Heritage, you sign a deal of profit. So what are you waiting for? Your perfect home is awaiting its owner.  For any further details visit:

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