Why You Should Invest In Mumbai Real Estate?

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Why You Should Invest In Mumbai Real Estate?

Why You Should Invest In Mumbai Real Estate

For any city dweller, living in an urban jungle and living the fast-paced life is equally thrilling and overwhelming. Life in India’s largest city, Mumbai means learning to appreciate the daily turbulence and traffic chaos, while savoring life in the most cosmopolitan city on the subcontinent.

Mumbai is where the country’s future is being forged, and gleaming towers and a new middle-class co-exist with sprawling slums to rich class with mind-boggling luxuries. The city entices people from all over India and from nations around the world, and its upwardly mobile skyline is a statement to its global ambitions.

When we think of the city like Mumbai besides all its glitzy façade, the city is also famed to be known as one of the most expensive realty markets in India. So, here’s the question; would you like to own a home of your own in Mumbai city? Though intimidating, the answer would most likely be a Yes.

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What makes it so intriguing to invest in Mumbai real estate? Why you should strongly consider it.

  • Great Growth Potential

Owing to a slew of proposed infrastructures such as Coastal Roads (a road connecting Malad to Nariman Point), Metro Expansion, and Navi Mumbai International Airport, property pundits and builders are expecting localities in proximity to such developments to be highly impacted. The classic case of such impact is Ghatkopar West, where property prices doubled as metro construction work gained momentum.

  • Increasing ROI

The market of Mumbai offers high investment returns on all types of real-estate. It’s evident that Mumbai is like a ‘city magnet’ that’s pulling on investors from all over India and world alike. Currently, it is the most populated city of India and Mumbai and its suburbs encompass the second-biggest urban agglomeration in the world after Tokyo. And the rate, at which its population is budding, it straight away points toward the increase in the demand for both commercial and residential properties in Mumbai.

  • Redevelopment Schemes for Affordable Housing

With an increase in demand in residential property, but scarce land supply, developers are increasingly undertaking redevelopment projects. This is most evident in suburbs like Bandra and Jogeshwari. While property in Bandra West has always been in great demand because of the elite lifestyle, great connectivity and social infrastructure it offers, it now suffers from traffic congestion, and low supply of land. In Jogeshwari, there is a huge demand for the one-BHK units. With slum rehabilitation picking up pace, habitants are desperately looking for one-BHK homes.

  • Infrastructural Development

Infrastructural development is happening rapidly and to deal with constantly growing housing demand, city peripheries are turning to be the next ideal locations. Top real estate builders in Mumbai are offering world-class residential and commercial projects. Real estate investment offers an opportunity to earn rental income, creating a smooth cash flow. Talk about Mumbai’s eastern freeway, the most ambitious and a much-awaited project in terms of traffic decongestion.

  • Employment opportunities

As the employment opportunities all over the city grow, so does the demand for real estate nearby. Employment is a big driver of the residential real estate, and other than areas in and around BKC, Kanjurmarg on the Central Line has seen a significant increase in demand. Considering Andheri, in future, the Mumbai Metro network will cover the area including Jogeshwari west and east, Goregaon, Malad Creek, BMC Road, etc.

Does this want you to make Mumbai your home? Or encourage you to invest?

Are you scouting for an investment opportunity which would undeniably give best returns? Well, you found one.

Presenting Avant Heritage-II, offering colossal 1,2,3,4 bhk and duplex penthouse, a royal clubhouse, a magnificent green zone, numerous avenues of recreation and entertainment, smack dab in the heart of Jogeshwari East. Find your nirvana, now at an affordable price value starting at INR 88 Lakhs onwards. With a festive fillip, here’s your chance to seal the deal for your dream investment proposition.

This festive season is a win-win for realtors as well as homebuyers and investors. So, invest in your future today and see it grow multifold with Avant Infra’s Avant Heritage-II.

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